Increase your Cryptocurrencies Adoption with a Global Unified Payment Network

The HAZZA Foundation's goal is to build a global unified payment network by utilizing OCTO3 Technology Limited's existing proven enterprise payment technology. By extending a platform with immediate digital adoption to merchants, payment and crypto service providers, the payments market advances towards a harmonious and frictionless ecosystem. The HAZZA Foundation is one of Singapore-Based Management Consultancy Qrypt Technologies' project, and the first token activity was in October 2017. Collectively, the team has more than 60 years of payments and technology experience.


Increase your Cryptocurrencies Adoption with a Global Unified Payment Network


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The current payments market is highly fragmented and complex. Many intermediaries exist, taking high fees and creating unnecessary friction at the expense of the consumers, merchants and market participants. With the total non-cash payments transaction value projected to be at $70TN* by 2025, the payments market is awaiting disruption.



We are moving to a digital world. Digital adoption, together with Alternative Payment Methods have seen explosive growth. With the development of Blockchain and Smart Contract technology, the stage is set to bring together a harmonious and frictionless ecosystem for the payments market, and drive financial inclusion.


With the HAZZA project, we aim to take an existing, proven enterprise payment platform to the blockchain. HAZZA aims to revolutionize the payments ecosystem by creating an open access, global, unified payments network governed by the community for the community.

The HAZZA Network is ready and is preparing for launch. Merchants, payment service providers, and crypto payment providers can contact us for the HAZZA early access program. 

* Electronic transactions consist of online and offline payments by credit card, debit card, pre-paid card, eWallets and mobile payments, etc.