• HAZZA Network

We have reached over forty payment types!

HAZZA, the Global Unified Payments Network is proud to announce an increased coverage of payment acceptance on the network for its growing merchant and Payment Service Provider (PSP) clients. Through a number of strategic technical integration points, the expanded range of payment methods has reached over forty payment types and spans five continents.

Popular payment methods include major credit card brands, and a diverse range preferred regional alternative payment methods, such as iDeal and Giropay from Europe, Yandex from Russia, Boleto from South America, and major methods from China. HAZZA will continue to integrate new payment methods, with cryptocurrency and digital cash on target for this year.

Increased payment methods brings convenience to both consumers, merchants and Payment Service Providers and is a component of HAZZA’s strategy to reduce barriers and inefficiencies of the entire payment industry by allowing the world's merchants, payment networks, acquirers, issuers, alternative payment method providers (APMs), payment service providers (PSPs), crypto payments and other industry players (e.g. device manufacturers, POS providers, etc.) to access a low-cost, minimal-engagement, decentralized payment network.

Furthermore, HAZZA has successfully on-boarded initial merchants and payment Service Providers and has performed live transaction on the HAZZA network, demonstrating real world adoption.

In addition to network expansion through organic merchant and Payment Service Provider adoption, HAZZA is in advanced partnership discussions to support a large-scale payment service deployment project in South East Asia. Stay tuned for exciting developments.

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